cv lamaran cnth 4

Yogyakarta, April 15 2012

Devisi HRD
PT. Astra Intl Tbk Sak lor Prapatan Bang iJo

Dear Sir or Madam,
With kindly I would like introduce my self in order to join in your company as MT-Finance&Administration and I send this application to offer my service.

Name : Bambang Prasetyo Nugroho Bangun
Place and Birth Date : Yogyakarta, February 22 1984
Age : 28 years old
Address : JL.Slamet Pranoto No.552 Rt/Rw 02/09 Bulak Tengah Kab. Cikarang
Handphone : 0856480xxxx or 0351-384xxxx
Email Address :
Maritial Status : Single
Education : Professional Education of Accounting at Gadjah Mada University
GPA : 3,56

I am tough, discipline, hard working, and communicative person. I can take pride in my self and my work, and cope well with high stress situations. I feel that my ability.

I would welcome the opportunity to explore how my experience could best meet your needs. I would gladly welcome an opportunity to have an interview at your convenience, so we could discuss about my qualifacations further and in detail.

I hope to hear from you if you have an opening for someone with my qualifications. Thank you every much for your considerations.

Your faithfully,

(Bambang Prasetyo Nugroho Bangun)



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